I have to tell you that it is so nice to be able to find such a high quality candle that is natural and handmade. I love every single variety of candle that DreamSoy has sent me. I am amazed at how long the candle and scent last. I love the way the candle continues to look smooth and creamy even after I have burned them several times. The scents are amazing and so fun to choose. They always smell better then what I think they will. I highly recommend DreamSoy. I will definitely be ordering again. :)
Your candles are awsome! I really appreciate the way you handled the error in my original order. You replaced both candles and in a quick turn around time with no hassle. The two new candles work great and smell great! I also appreciate the sample candle which I will be ordering. You guys run an awsome company with awsome products. I would and do recommend Dreamsoy to anyone looking for a safe, good quality candle.
Dream Soy candles are the best!!! Strong (but not overpowering) scents with the cleanest burn ever. Not only do they give yourself a treat they are great for the economy!!!
just wanted to let you know I received my candles and I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how strong the scents are, they more than meet my expectations. I usually order very expensive soy candles from a company overseas. I wont name names but just so you know, the quality of your candles are just as good and they're a whole lot cheaper.
I just wanted to let you know how excited I was to receive my order!! It was well-packaged, and my children and I had fun opening and smelling each candle. My boyfriend and I burn candles all the time. He likes the fruity ones, and I like all the others. He ended up with eleven to my nine......lol. We both are very impressed that these candles burn so long.....and they smell wonderful!! Thank you so much!! Best regards
Just wanted to say my daughter ordered some of the Teak & Tonka Dreams and I was so shocked that they smell like the one we purchase in Paris while visiting my son. Now excited about the Yuzu Fruit.
Hello, I wanted to let you know that the Tea lights we ordered for my Daughters baby shower arrived today! As we opened the box the aroma of the four different scents was over powering in such a wonderful way! We gave the tea lights out as party favors and ALL our guests were so impressed with the strong scent each individual tea light held! Needless to say your candles were the HIT of the Shower! Thank you so very much, we told all our guests about your web site and encouraged them to order! I know we will be placing a second order for sure! Thanks again.
Brenda, I'm so happy I found your website. You are so wonderful to work with and your product is outstanding. Great quality and very fragrant. It's so nice to order from someone who actually cares about their product AND customers. You are the best and I will definitely return often! Thank you!!!
I just got back home 2 days ago & the box was waiting on me. Honestly, I couldn't wait to try the Gardenia one, it smelled soo good when I took the lid off. Yesterday I had it in our living room and my husband thought I bought fresh flowers...how is that for a compliment? I haven't tried the Baby Powder one yet, but regardless, I am most impressed. They smell awesome and no headache!! You are defiantly going on my wish list for Christmas!! Beth
I think there is something special about the quality of your soy melts, I feel like they clean the air while scenting it too.
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