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Every time I order It is like getting a present in the mail. I burn the soy melts whenever I am home. Some of the scents can last days, how great is that! I have my favorites but I love trying new ones and the sample pack is the way to go. I also buy the candles. This would be a great Christmas present for anyone who loves to burn soy scents. More than likely they will ask where did you get these, and then they will be a fan. I am sure you will find your favorites and come back time and time again as I do.
Again, have left a post before. I still must say since I have tried other soy melts, from on the web and also from craft events and even in other states. I always come back to Dream Soy. So, that tells me why bother to buy from others and waste my money when Dream Soy is the best scents and the longest lasting out there. Done trying. Take my advice, you will love Dream Soy.
found you on candlefind.com - can't wait to try them.
A wonderful selection of unique scents and excellent customer service too. People are always commenting on how yummy my house smells and how they want to eat it.
First time to try dream soy candles!! Tried the sample pack. Love them! Will be ordering again! :)
These votives are perfect to shed a little light and a lovely scent on your morning yoga session or evening relaxation time!
I've been burning my zodiac candle and just had to come and tell you how much I love it! From the color to the quality of the scent to the quality of the burn this is a HIGH QUALITY candle! I recommend it 100%! Thank you for making and offering such great quality, earth friendly products!
I received as a gift the scent "Yuzu Fruit" and I am hooked! I am a candle fanatic, and this brand is the best one by far! I love the soft, but refreshing scent! It burns a little faster (trimmed wick/ no vent) than I would prefer, but cleaner than any candle I have ever had! Which is good, because I burn candles EVERY day. I will purchase many more candles in the future from DreamSoy!
Loved the tart samplers I ordered--your tarts are the strongest and longest lasting I have found--will be ordering from you again and again:) thanks
I received my pillar candles snugly packed and beautifully wrapped with super-cute tags. The scents are lovely and apparent even before lighting. Once lit, the fragrances are really nice, and not too strong for my scent-sesitive hubby. It is important to note that these candles need to burn for at least an hour the first time, so they do not "tunnel" deeply right away. They do burn down quicker in the middle than on the sides, and probably more so than petroleum derived wax candles, but it seems that is typical of soy candles. The healthier burn is a worthwhile trade-off. Anyway luckily for me, these products are hand-made locally, so I can feel good about using less fuel in getting them into my home and supporting my not too distant neighbors.
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